Health & Safety Week: DAY THREE

Health & Safety Week (19-23 June)

Day Three: Site Inductions & Toolbox Talks

All workers and visitors on our sites are inducted as soon as they arrive. Inductions generally last around 30 minutes and cover the details of the project itself, any specific site hazards, site rules, welfare facilities and other safety elements that exist on that particular site. Individuals are then given the opportunity to ask any questions that they may have.

By having this brief conversation with individuals, we ensure that they are fully educated on the specifics of the project and fully comprehend the site rules that are to be adhered to, therefore reducing the risk of any accidents or incidents on site.

We also use Toolbox Talks to further educate employees on individual health and safety topics such as asbestos, skin care, slips, trips and falls and step ladders. In addition, we have found that having these talks with employees facilitates further discussions on various other health and safety issues.


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Health & Safety Week: DAY TWO

Health & Safety Week (19-23 June)

Day Two: Plant & Machinery

We realise the importance of making sure that our plant and machinery is safe and in sound working order prior to sending it out to any of our sites. For this reason, all items are always thoroughly checked at our yard before going out to site. We also have an in-house portable appliance tester (PAT) who regularly checks our electrical items for any faults which may make the items unsafe to use.

Once on site, all of our plant is subject to a daily inspection which involves checking areas such as the engine oil levels, tyre conditions, reversing horn/siren and brakes. Any issues are then reported to the office for a prompt resolution.

A Thorough Examination (RTE) is carried out annually on our large plant to further ensure that all areas have been checked and that the machinery is in safe and working order.

As in our post yesterday, we also regularly provide refresher training to our employees to ensure that they still have a comprehensive understanding of the use of certain plant and machinery.


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Health & Safety Week: DAY ONE

Health & Safety Week (19-23 June)

Day One: Regular Training

All of our site manager’s are SMSTS (Site Manager Safety Training Scheme) and First Aid trained and our site workers are enrolled on refresher courses throughout the year such as manual handling, asbestos awareness and fire safety.

We also have two employees who hold NEBOSH (The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health) certificates which provides us with the extra assurance that our workforce are working within a safe environment.

By providing regular training opportunities to our employees, we ensure that we remain compliant with current regulations and mitigate the risk of any incidents occurring on site.


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Commencement at Marshland St James!

We’ve had another mention in a local newspaper regarding the start of the new Sports & Community Centre at Marshland St James! We were on site last Friday to break the soil, officially marking the commencement of the works!

Take a read here:

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Health & Safety Week 2017

Health & Safety is extremely important to our company, and our goal is to have zero accidents on every site.

In support of Health & Safety week, we will be posting something every day which highlights how we strive to achieve our goal.


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