Health & Safety Week: DAY THREE

Health & Safety Week (19-23 June)

Day Three: Site Inductions & Toolbox Talks

All workers and visitors on our sites are inducted as soon as they arrive. Inductions generally last around 30 minutes and cover the details of the project itself, any specific site hazards, site rules, welfare facilities and other safety elements that exist on that particular site. Individuals are then given the opportunity to ask any questions that they may have.

By having this brief conversation with individuals, we ensure that they are fully educated on the specifics of the project and fully comprehend the site rules that are to be adhered to, therefore reducing the risk of any accidents or incidents on site.

We also use Toolbox Talks to further educate employees on individual health and safety topics such as asbestos, skin care, slips, trips and falls and step ladders. In addition, we have found that having these talks with employees facilitates further discussions on various other health and safety issues.


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